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Our Baby “Owen Glendower”

Here I am again today at a very sad time we are going through with the loss of our special baby boy “Owen Glendower” 

He was a dog of all dogs, a gentleman, a lovable dog towards everyone from the youngest of children to the oldest

of people, he loved other animals and never grumbled ever in his life through jealousy or anything else, every visit to the vets for either his booster to the major of problems (just at the end of his life) they classed him as a perfect patient.

We have been devoted cocker spaniel lovers for over 30+ years and have had many wonderful champions and non-champion cockers over our time, we have wonderful stories of their journey from Africa to the United Kingdom stopping over in Spain for 8 months, they were all well travelled….
We are now feeling very sad after 12 years in their new country and losing many of them to old age illness’s with the last of our champion dogs “Owen Glendower” a light blue roan (13 years) leaving us on the 27th of last month but so suddenly going down hill from a healthy dog all his life until now, with tears in my eyes I struggle to write this post.

I know it is very hard for us all when we lose our cocker babies as they are all so very special and always known as people dogs, where ever you go they want to go too.where ever you sit they want to sit too, where ever you sleep they want to sleep with you, such closeness is so special…

Below is the 4 original babies we brought over to England and all 4 leaving us at ages from 13 years to 14 years.
We now have one original black solid (Bella) left with us and also age 13 years, hoping to hang on to her she is doing well up to now, but our little “New Import” from Sweden Jemima who is now 2 years of age and still quite a baby, is feeling quite lonely as her soul mate was definitely “Owen Glendower” she kept him on his toes and played forever with each other.

Her life is just beginning and we hope she will fulfil a beautiful healthy life like her former family have done, also becoming a mummy on her next season with Owen Glendower and his line, she is also an amazing dog full of vigour and excitement.

We are fortunate that a year ago we visited the “Sperm Bank” with Owen Glendower and Jemima who was then in her first season, for the testing of Owen Glendower and taking his sperm for freezing which was quite successful so, luckily if all goes well we shall be able to do an ( AI ) between Jemima and Owen Glendower.

The vet at the time was very surprised how healthy his sperm was for a dog of 12 years of age as we were told by many people that we were wasting our time and money even testing him so old, how wrong they were.

I am a children’s author and writer and have many wonderful written stories of all our beautiful cockers and many others too. Our home has gone from seven to now only two over these years and is pretty quiet, too quiet for me.

I haven’t been updating for some time due to a children’s book just published which took up a lot of my time, however, I shall be updating now again with Owen Glendower and his story.

Here we have “Owen Glendower” whom we lost so recently, these pictures were taken of him exhibiting at Crufts in 2014 and along with his owner (my daughter) who worked with him for all those years.

He won his first Puppy show at 4 months of age winning Best Puppy In Show, he really was a star in the making… and here we have him below as a puppy, he certainly was an amazing baby in every way, there will be no other like him.

"Baby Owen"

Beatrix our International Champion (age) 10yrs here but left us at 14 years (Owen Glendower’s mummy) and also an Int.Ch.

William age 14 years (Bunters brother)

Our Int. Ch. Bediverebrwyn Llanberis (aka) Billy Bunter (age 13 years,







I have written all about Bunter, William and Beatrix on this site when they left us a couple of years ago, each one got a write-up but now I am just putting the 4 together as a family.

We do have another one Bella who is the last one left from this original family and now 13 years but still going well at the moment.

Here we have our new family addition, Jemima who is now 2 years old, still a baby and missing Owen Glendower, he was her soul mate without a doubt.

I shall try and get on here more often as I do have many good little stories to read most of them not so miserable but I feel it’s my duty whenever one of our fur babies sadly leave us to write about them.

I wish you all well and you shall see me back here very soon, hopefully with the exciting news of Jemima’s babies being born.






My Little Beatrix !!!

Beatrix is the last of our old babies and at the age of 13 years has been doing quite well, however after discovering a very small lump in her Anal Glands this has proven as an aggressive cancer called a Carcinoma, we hope that our veterinary friend has removed it all, but also saying that it has been explained to us, “with this being a very difficult area to see all, may spread again,” if this is the case, we cannot remove again due to incontinence and there is no therapy that responds to this type… , she also has a few mammory tumors to be removed, although not cancerous were told they could turn cancerous and so, best to have them out. We are hoping when she has her next check up which will be in 3 months time, they haven’t spread, knowing that it has returned and  growing inside her is quite painful for us to think about as basically she will everyday of her life be dying, I will be very happy to get may be another year out of her, we are praying for miracles to happen !!! She is gong on her annual holidays this week where she will be able to go on long healthy walks and consume fresh air in the mountains !!! Just over a year ago she went through spinal surgery with degeneration of her spine of which her brother William had at the same time but unfortunately as posted on my site back in March this year lost “Sweet William” as his was far worse than Beatrix’s and it re occurred this time in his top part of the spine affecting his neck , head and front legs, we had no choices with him but to say our “Goodbyes” losing these special animals is so sad for us as they are very special in the simple reason that they travelled half the world to be with us, at least we gave them another 7 years with us in their new country. Family 004 We have lots of lovely memories of them all, and still have two 10 year olds, with Owen Glendower being our top dog now, but also Beatrix’s son is something to be grateful for, although 10 already, Owen has been mated and hopefully very soon will become a daddy, which also means that we will continue with Beatrix’s line, this will be another chapter to open if this happens !!! All who have been following and interested in our 4 paw family will be updated on Beatrix and her health regularly as she progress’s through her life, we are all staying positive for now and giving her lots of love, attention and as much happiness we can give her  !!! Thank you for reading my stories, there will be plenty more in the future with hopefully happy stories to talk about !!! Bediveare 19/09/2014. Beatrix & Babies


Owen Glendower !!

Owen - CruftsOwen & KirstyWell with all the bad news of my friendly paws family now for a bit of good news for a change !!!

 Owen Glendower is my 10 years young star of the family, he recently won a championship show to be entered into Crufts, the biggest international dog show in Europe, he has never acheived such a high honour before, although he was one of thousands of dogs to enter of all breeds and sizes, in my eyes he was a champion on the day,although he never won the big prize he had a standing ovation within his group, The Cocker Spaniel category.

As he walked around that very famous ring he held his head up so high, it was as if his 2 brothers were leading

him from the rainbow sky, to victory he looked so proud…his pictures are now held within the London Kennel Club Gallery to be used for future events and advertising.

After winning his very first “Best Puppy In Show” abroad at the age of 4 months and again at 8 months he was retired due to his move to the United Kingdom, it is only just recently that he has come out of retirement at the age of 10 years to start over again and what a start. 

Last weekend at another show “The East Anglian Gundog Society” he came 2nd in his class again.

 Owen Glendower (5)

This is not the end for Owen Glendower, he has now moved on with his achievements and in a few weeks time will become a father for the first time, with his partner Connie, this will keep his line running for the future.

Whilst on  location in Cornwall famous Actor/Celebrity Martin Clunes (from many TV series like “Doc Martin” and numerous movies & documentaries ) fell in love with him as he met him whilst we were holidaying there at the same time, he just had to have a dog like Owen so, it was arranged to stud Owen out to his suitor Connie.

After spending the whole day on The Clunes farm with Owen & Connie ,by invitation, Mr Clunes set up a photo shoot of him and Connie of which we have beautiful copies,  Martin & family are excitedly awaiting for the arrival of the puppies.

Their new  family member I am sure will be featured in his documentaries/shows etc in the future which will be something to be proud of.

"Baby Owen"

Owen Glendower at 8 weeks of age.

We have really spoilt all of our puppies right up to their old age, in all the good ways you can think of  which is why it saddens me to see dogs and puppies abused and treated like they are, if only the world could see how loyal our 4 legged friends are towards us and how they help us in all our needs, they deserve to be loved and needed in their short time with us, once they are gone they are gone forever and only memories remain., this refers to all animals in general, as we see the world diminishing of them in such sad ways, if only this could be stopped !!!

I shall keep you all posted on Owen & Connies progress to parenthood and as we shall be keeping one of their puppies shall have more exciting news to add here…

Owen & Connie