Our Baby “Owen Glendower”

Here I am again today at a very sad time we are going through with the loss of our special baby boy “Owen Glendower” 

He was a dog of all dogs, a gentleman, a lovable dog towards everyone from the youngest of children to the oldest

of people, he loved other animals and never grumbled ever in his life through jealousy or anything else, every visit to the vets for either his booster to the major of problems (just at the end of his life) they classed him as a perfect patient.

We have been devoted cocker spaniel lovers for over 30+ years and have had many wonderful champions and non-champion cockers over our time, we have wonderful stories of their journey from Africa to the United Kingdom stopping over in Spain for 8 months, they were all well travelled….
We are now feeling very sad after 12 years in their new country and losing many of them to old age illness’s with the last of our champion dogs “Owen Glendower” a light blue roan (13 years) leaving us on the 27th of last month but so suddenly going down hill from a healthy dog all his life until now, with tears in my eyes I struggle to write this post.

I know it is very hard for us all when we lose our cocker babies as they are all so very special and always known as people dogs, where ever you go they want to go too.where ever you sit they want to sit too, where ever you sleep they want to sleep with you, such closeness is so special…

Below is the 4 original babies we brought over to England and all 4 leaving us at ages from 13 years to 14 years.
We now have one original black solid (Bella) left with us and also age 13 years, hoping to hang on to her she is doing well up to now, but our little “New Import” from Sweden Jemima who is now 2 years of age and still quite a baby, is feeling quite lonely as her soul mate was definitely “Owen Glendower” she kept him on his toes and played forever with each other.

Her life is just beginning and we hope she will fulfil a beautiful healthy life like her former family have done, also becoming a mummy on her next season with Owen Glendower and his line, she is also an amazing dog full of vigour and excitement.

We are fortunate that a year ago we visited the “Sperm Bank” with Owen Glendower and Jemima who was then in her first season, for the testing of Owen Glendower and taking his sperm for freezing which was quite successful so, luckily if all goes well we shall be able to do an ( AI ) between Jemima and Owen Glendower.

The vet at the time was very surprised how healthy his sperm was for a dog of 12 years of age as we were told by many people that we were wasting our time and money even testing him so old, how wrong they were.

I am a children’s author and writer and have many wonderful written stories of all our beautiful cockers and many others too. Our home has gone from seven to now only two over these years and is pretty quiet, too quiet for me.

I haven’t been updating for some time due to a children’s book just published which took up a lot of my time, however, I shall be updating now again with Owen Glendower and his story.

Here we have “Owen Glendower” whom we lost so recently, these pictures were taken of him exhibiting at Crufts in 2014 and along with his owner (my daughter) who worked with him for all those years.

He won his first Puppy show at 4 months of age winning Best Puppy In Show, he really was a star in the making… and here we have him below as a puppy, he certainly was an amazing baby in every way, there will be no other like him.

"Baby Owen"

Beatrix our International Champion (age) 10yrs here but left us at 14 years (Owen Glendower’s mummy) and also an Int.Ch.

William age 14 years (Bunters brother)

Our Int. Ch. Bediverebrwyn Llanberis (aka) Billy Bunter (age 13 years,







I have written all about Bunter, William and Beatrix on this site when they left us a couple of years ago, each one got a write-up but now I am just putting the 4 together as a family.

We do have another one Bella who is the last one left from this original family and now 13 years but still going well at the moment.

Here we have our new family addition, Jemima who is now 2 years old, still a baby and missing Owen Glendower, he was her soul mate without a doubt.

I shall try and get on here more often as I do have many good little stories to read most of them not so miserable but I feel it’s my duty whenever one of our fur babies sadly leave us to write about them.

I wish you all well and you shall see me back here very soon, hopefully with the exciting news of Jemima’s babies being born.






Our Baby Cassie !!!

Well it’s been a while since I posted on here and finally able to talk today  about our beloved Cat Cassie who at the age of

18 years  had to let her go on the 14th October 2014…Cassie was a very well travelled little girl from country to country and settled down well from a hot climate to cold, she is the last of our old feline family !!

We were very lucky that she was a very healthy cat only to be visiting her vets for check ups and normal yearly boosters, she never went to her Vet doctor for any kind of problems and actually didn’t even die of the

normal feline problems they get.

She basically died of natural causes called “old age”, she was an inspiration to all cat owners and lovers alike,

she is very much sadly missed but she was tired and ready to let go.

Cassie was a long haired tourtoise shell but we never really knew what breed she was as she wondered into our home as a small kitten all those years ago settling down as our family member from day one.

2013-07-25 18.49.14

We shall always remember her with pride and joy for the good life we gave her and the love she has given us in return.


I know it was so soon after losing Cassie that we received as a gift from our very dear Veterinary friend a beautiful Maine Coon and we named him Lord Paw Paw, we have never owned a pedigree cat ever before and is interesting

learning about them and their crazy ways, from a pretty little girl that just loved to be with you to an absolutely independent male cat that struts about like a Lion !!!

He has so much character and I have forgotten about rearing kittens, but he is an exception, at only 6 months of

age he already weighs 6kg which is the average weight of an adult cat, and eats double what a cat eats…this picture below is when he was quite small around 2 months of age !!20141217_202402The Maine Coon is called “The Friendly Giant and are noted to be more like dogs than cats, I must say this is very true of them, as he does everything our remaining cocker spaniels do, he really thinks he is a dog I am sure what with his throw and fetch techniques and play fighting with them, they are classed as being highly intelligent.

There is an article below as a matter of interest on the Maine Coon Cats and their history for anyone who like myself have fallen in love with these beautiful sleek and slender animals.


Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a
purebred cat. There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own
characteristic appearance and temperament and history.

Think carefully about what the you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would
care to consider:




The ancestry of these big, hearty cats from New England is unknown. Most likely
they came across from Europe with the early settlers as working cats on the ships. Some
of these long haired ship cats apparently decided to disembark in the new world and
made their home there along with the new colonists. Winter in New England can be
extremely tough. Only the strongest survived those early winters, human or cat. Once
they settled in to their new homes, these long haired cats began to thrive. The Shaggies,
as they were called then, became a familiar part of colonial life throughout New England.

The Maine Coon Cat is a big, strong, intelligent cat. They are also very loving and
devoted family members and remain very playful into old age. Maine Coon Cats do not
seem to make snap decisions about people. They remain somewhat reserved when they
first meet new people or move into a new home. Once they have made their decision,
they become affectionate and devoted companions. Maine Coon Cats also have an
unusual fascination with water. They are known to dabble in their water dishes or play in
showers before the water has all run out. Once in a while, a cat will actually go

Maine Coon Cats are gentle giants in the cat world. Males can top out at 20lbs
while females can reach 12 lbs. The size difference between the sexes is unusually large.
The females are no pushovers despite their lack of size. They feel they are every bit as
strong as the males and aren’t afraid to prove it. These ladies can be quite feisty. Maine
Coon Cats have broad chests with well muscled bodies and medium length legs. This
breed does not reach full maturity until they are four years old. This cat has an easy going
and affectionate temperament. The smallest part of this cat is its voice. Maine Coon Cats
speak with a high squeaky voice that seems entirely incongruous coming from such a
massive cat. These cats chirp, cheep, chortle, and trill as well as meow. It’s quite an eye
opener to hear a Maine Coon Cat speak.

These cats have thick semi long coats which are all-weather and water resistant
as well. Fortunately, the Main Coon Cats coat does not tangle easily. The texture is
surprisingly silky. The most common coat color pattern is tabby though they can come in
a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The Main Coon Cat is a breed whose cheerful ways continue to charm people
every day. Give the Main Coon Cat a closer look. The breed is hardy and affectionate.
This cats’ laid back temperament would make an outstanding family pet. This cat may be
exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.

I hope you enjoy my topic for today and will be posting more interesting information soon on our beloved and wonderful animal friends !!!


My Little Beatrix !!!

Beatrix is the last of our old babies and at the age of 13 years has been doing quite well, however after discovering a very small lump in her Anal Glands this has proven as an aggressive cancer called a Carcinoma, we hope that our veterinary friend has removed it all, but also saying that it has been explained to us, “with this being a very difficult area to see all, may spread again,” if this is the case, we cannot remove again due to incontinence and there is no therapy that responds to this type… , she also has a few mammory tumors to be removed, although not cancerous were told they could turn cancerous and so, best to have them out. We are hoping when she has her next check up which will be in 3 months time, they haven’t spread, knowing that it has returned and  growing inside her is quite painful for us to think about as basically she will everyday of her life be dying, I will be very happy to get may be another year out of her, we are praying for miracles to happen !!! She is gong on her annual holidays this week where she will be able to go on long healthy walks and consume fresh air in the mountains !!! Just over a year ago she went through spinal surgery with degeneration of her spine of which her brother William had at the same time but unfortunately as posted on my site back in March this year lost “Sweet William” as his was far worse than Beatrix’s and it re occurred this time in his top part of the spine affecting his neck , head and front legs, we had no choices with him but to say our “Goodbyes” losing these special animals is so sad for us as they are very special in the simple reason that they travelled half the world to be with us, at least we gave them another 7 years with us in their new country. Family 004 We have lots of lovely memories of them all, and still have two 10 year olds, with Owen Glendower being our top dog now, but also Beatrix’s son is something to be grateful for, although 10 already, Owen has been mated and hopefully very soon will become a daddy, which also means that we will continue with Beatrix’s line, this will be another chapter to open if this happens !!! All who have been following and interested in our 4 paw family will be updated on Beatrix and her health regularly as she progress’s through her life, we are all staying positive for now and giving her lots of love, attention and as much happiness we can give her  !!! Thank you for reading my stories, there will be plenty more in the future with hopefully happy stories to talk about !!! Bediveare 19/09/2014. Beatrix & Babies


Owen Glendower !!

Owen - CruftsOwen & KirstyWell with all the bad news of my friendly paws family now for a bit of good news for a change !!!

 Owen Glendower is my 10 years young star of the family, he recently won a championship show to be entered into Crufts, the biggest international dog show in Europe, he has never acheived such a high honour before, although he was one of thousands of dogs to enter of all breeds and sizes, in my eyes he was a champion on the day,although he never won the big prize he had a standing ovation within his group, The Cocker Spaniel category.

As he walked around that very famous ring he held his head up so high, it was as if his 2 brothers were leading

him from the rainbow sky, to victory he looked so proud…his pictures are now held within the London Kennel Club Gallery to be used for future events and advertising.

After winning his very first “Best Puppy In Show” abroad at the age of 4 months and again at 8 months he was retired due to his move to the United Kingdom, it is only just recently that he has come out of retirement at the age of 10 years to start over again and what a start. 

Last weekend at another show “The East Anglian Gundog Society” he came 2nd in his class again.

 Owen Glendower (5)

This is not the end for Owen Glendower, he has now moved on with his achievements and in a few weeks time will become a father for the first time, with his partner Connie, this will keep his line running for the future.

Whilst on  location in Cornwall famous Actor/Celebrity Martin Clunes (from many TV series like “Doc Martin” and numerous movies & documentaries ) fell in love with him as he met him whilst we were holidaying there at the same time, he just had to have a dog like Owen so, it was arranged to stud Owen out to his suitor Connie.

After spending the whole day on The Clunes farm with Owen & Connie ,by invitation, Mr Clunes set up a photo shoot of him and Connie of which we have beautiful copies,  Martin & family are excitedly awaiting for the arrival of the puppies.

Their new  family member I am sure will be featured in his documentaries/shows etc in the future which will be something to be proud of.

"Baby Owen"

Owen Glendower at 8 weeks of age.

We have really spoilt all of our puppies right up to their old age, in all the good ways you can think of  which is why it saddens me to see dogs and puppies abused and treated like they are, if only the world could see how loyal our 4 legged friends are towards us and how they help us in all our needs, they deserve to be loved and needed in their short time with us, once they are gone they are gone forever and only memories remain., this refers to all animals in general, as we see the world diminishing of them in such sad ways, if only this could be stopped !!!

I shall keep you all posted on Owen & Connies progress to parenthood and as we shall be keeping one of their puppies shall have more exciting news to add here…

Owen & Connie  





Another Shattering Time !!

After Williams Spinal Operation at almost 14 years of age just a year to the day almost, we had to say good bye to him too once again another “Shattering Time”

We lost his brother Bunter in April 2013 and now William in March 2014, although rather expecting this to happen after speaking to the surgeons after his operation and being told that his spine could go again somewhere else, is still a sudden shock to your system especially seeing how well he was coping, but then on Thursday morning of the 13th  he was struggling to get up, he tried but then  he flopped back on his bed, I knew there was something wrong as he always got up when you entered the room to greet you with a toy, this was always his thing but this morning it was different, he could barely move his head, he tried to walk but unfortunately his front legs just spread out in front of him, he was also in excruciating pain.

His disc had once again slipped but on top of his spine this time, which also controlled his head, he had no feeling in his right side which is the side affected the first time.

The sad and most ironic thing about this whole story is he was so healthy internally with absolutely nothing wrong and all organs working well and to think just one thing ends his life and so suddenly.

When Bunter passed away I was reluctant to be in the room with him and left it to my daughter but this time my daughter said to me, “you really must hold him” as he was my dog I did this for him.

I must admit I fealt a sense of relief for myself and also for William as he lay there so peaceful, I get my moments when the tears flood my face but then think of the good times we had and his special journey from another country to be here with us, this was traumatic at the time as mentioned in my story “How I Got Heartbroken Over Quarantine Kennels” but he did have 7 more wonderful years with us.

I must admit my whole blog has been all about sad times with my animals but they are getting old now as the youngest is nearly 10 years already, but to me my animals are my life and I  give them exposure when I feel it necessary, each one has there own character which makes them so special and unique.

We love you so much “Sweet William” you had a very special bond with me especially and will always remember the good times we had over the almost 14 years together.

I would like to thank everyone who has been following my stories, I shall be posting more articles very soon and the next one is a very exciting one “following Owen Glendowers Career” keep posted for this very soon.

Bediveare 19/03/2014.William & Teddy


The Raw Food Diet !!

I have learned alot about diets for our beloved animals and after the loss of our most beloved International Show Champion English Spaniel just recently I have come to realise how important diets are for them and their immune system !!!


In todays society we just have’nt got the time to prepare food for our pets, we hardly have time to do this

for ourselves so they will and  come second best as far as this subject goes. the most convenient way of feeding our pets is out of a bag and dry, but are they getting the goodness out of the  pellet way compared to the fresh nutritional way ??

I am one of those people that for many years fed my top dogs on the best dry food and as far as I was aware at that time was the best way  with all the goodness that they needed, but I was  so wrong…

Now I am not getting at the dry food companies but when you look at a dog and even a cat in their natural state and environment they never went hunting for pellets or kibbles.

The dried food companies state that they have all the vitamins/minerals and everything that animals need for their immune system to stay healthy and well…

For many years we had all our show dogs on the top dried food that was out there until our one boy got an allergy to beef and milk, we immediately changed them all onto the dried Hypoallergenic food which was even better than the last one, but still was not enough after reading about the Raw Diet which is called BARF (Bone & Raw Food) and quite well known throughout the animal world and Holistic vets.

Animals even humans need the right foods to boost their immune levels through the roof and once they are up there not much is going to get into their system to create any type of diseases, canine cancer being the newest of animal diseases at the moment and spreading rapidly, now I am not stating that there is a cure for any diseases but what I am saying is there is a preventative and that is to have a good strong immune system.

Meat/Bone/Organs are the first thing we should look at in a dogs diet, as the most important part of their daily intake, vegetables have antioxidents in them and Broccoli is one of the highest as well as carrots for the carotene including numerous other vegetables so, throwing a few vegetable in with their raw meat and bones is a good way to a healthy diet.

Now it may all sound so complicated to prepare and give to them but you will find  many raw food dog companies out there as there is kibble/pellet manufacturers and so easy to give to your beloved pets, you will notice the difference within weeks of their coats and condition their behaviour patterns and general wellbeing.

It has now been 3 months since we lost our very special boy to cancer and exactly 3 months since I changed all my other pets to the Raw way of feeding (BARF) and what a difference this has made, here we were thinking they were all healthy and fit but even I can see a big difference again in them.

They are all well relaxed and no stress, we had a little girl that was abused in her quarantine kennels when we first came from abroad and was always stressed and never got on with the rest of her family and always afraid of strange people but now she is so happy and relaxed I just cannot believe she is the same dog 3 months later.

William & Teddy

Now all my stories on my website are of true experiences and facts and I can with all honisty recommend anything I put on here and would like everyone to bare this in mind and try and test first and then come back and place any comments …

For all you very enthuiastic people that have more time on their hands can quite easily prepare your own but the one particular company mentioned here (for all UK residents) is the best I have found as they come ready for your pets to consume , it comes in frozen fresh form, all you do is de frost and serve, their food has all the vegetables inside and comes in 3 most favourable flavours (all fresh) Beef/Chicken & Lamb and they all love it …

I just add a few more vegetables and sometimes a little apple chopped up as I do have 4 hungry little mouths to feed ….and they have a different flavour every day almost , I split it between 2 meals both morning and late afternoon.

There is so much information on the internet about “The Raw Food Diet & Cancer” in dogs in particular and books to download and if you are as serious about your pets as I am then you must explore for yourself, you will be amazed on what people are saying that have used this diet and also the vets and in particular Holistic Vets who are great believers in this.

There are also testimonials  from people who have got animals that are sick with diseases in particular cancers and how this diet has helped  to give their beloved pets a better chance and in some cases reversed illnesses and given them a better  life.

Dont just take my word for it, try it for your special animal family and see for yourself the results !!!

Until next time,

Yours in animal health,











My Heart Is So Empty

 My Heart Is So Empty !!!


Beatrix and family

Beatrix and family

It all began on the 8th May 2000, when our English Cocker Spaniels were born into the world, cute and cuddly as all puppies are, they were all special but for one who was extra special in our lives !!!


There were 7 in the litter 5 boys and two girls, they had a beautiful and fulfilling up bringing, we cared for them and loved every one of them until eventually they went to their new homes, however we kept 2 back for ourselves, William and Bunter 2 brothers and William being the only Golden in the whole litter, all the others were black…


Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis (also know as Bunter) is who we are focusing on at the moment as this is his story !!!


Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis  also known as Billy Bunter

Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis
also known as Billy Bunter

Bunter was such a strong little boy, but accident proned from the start, at only 6 weeks of age my daughter slipped on the floor and dropped him which caused him to have a slightly bent tail but never felt the pain as it was only later we noticed he was limping on his leg, unfortunately as he got older his leg got slightly worse so took him to his vet and they noticed a slight dysplasia of the hip but did say he wasn’t really in much pain but gave him the usual antibiotics/pain killers etc and told us it would eventually get better. we then decided to look at natural remedies for things like this and started him on a course of Ester C which strengthens the bones and joints, well what a remarkable recovery he made on this, we decided to keep him on them for the rest of his life, infact just recently in one of his examinations they could not see any hip dysphasia at all which meant it had completely cured.


When he was only 8 months of age he fell down a rockery in our garden of the house we had just purchased and hurt his ribs badly, I managed to carry him inside and sat with him on the bed until we could get him to our vets, I was all alone with him for 5 hours and couldn’t move him until other family members returned home as being a new home we were still waiting for phone lines to be installed…


…still in pain he still managed to lick me and wag his little tail, eventually after the vets visit he healed well but at this stage had painkillers and no serious damage.


Later on in his life he got an Anal infection which had to be treated for about 6 weeks but after testing for allergies only to find he couldn’t have milk/beef or any dairy products , then all got better, this was when we changed the families diet to Hypo alergenic food, this and other diets for dogs will be mentioned in a completely new story I am working on !!!


Then 2 years ago they found a heart murmor but was not serious and not to worry about it at that stage and were monitoring it … apart from that he has been a very healthy boy.



A beautiful cuddly black bear he had such special talents, and was so different to the rest , he would be on his own from the rest of the litter and always needed that extra security and cuddles, which we willingly gave to him…


A cocker spaniel breeder friend of ours who also exhibited her dogs in shows and also responsible for delivering and monitoring the delivery of all 7 puppies came back to see them at 6 weeks of age just to see how they were getting along and spotted potential in one black boy in particular for showing, now my daughter who was the owner of their mother (Nandi) a stunning black bitch and their father Toby also a strapping black stud dog that were bought from reputable separate breeders for her birthday had never in her life exhibited a dog in dog shows before and this was an exciting challenge…she seemed to be a natural especially with him…


The bond between them was amazing he seemed to be born to be a star, every show he was entered into he held his head so proud and never once struggled and performed in the ring, he just knew what he was there to do and really enjoyed every minute of it …one judge named him The Black Bomber.

He won his first Best Puppy In Show at 4 months of age and continued throughout his life to succeed…

Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis  also known as Billy Bunter

Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis
also known as Billy Bunter

continued and at the age of 2 years his status became Show Champion, he continued winning at all the major shows throughout the country until he was 6 years of age when we decided to leave and go abroad to the United Kingdom, although registered in the UK as an International Show Champion he never exhibited again, which was unfortunate for him as he loved the shows, but for reasons beyond our means were unable to do so, … We do have 4 others apart from Bunter but as I say this story focuses on Bunter, but just to veer away from Bunter for a moment to explain the other important parts of this post.


Whilst we were preparing to sell up and move abroad and start a new life for them as well as ourselves we also had to think about the parting of our beloved dogs, temporarily as there is 6 months quarantine for the UK.


We had all there testing , micro chipping done very successfully as we had Bunter and his brothers and sisters to tend to, there were 6 in all.


We decided to quarantine them in Europe as this was cheaper than UK so we choose Southern Spain, this was a good choice as the climate suited them being used to the hot climate they came from and faired very well as we ( my daughter and I) stayed there for 8 months with them ,as they didn’t need to be in kennels , they stayed in home quarantine with us.


Now we didn’t know that there rabies vaccinations expires after 6 months being in Europe and had expired by 2 months  as it was not explained very well to us and only when we went to the Vets in Spain did we realise that this was the case, which meant they had another 4 months to stay in Europe before UK would allow them in, now the only problem with that was that we had to also leave Spain and get to the UK and organise ourselves there, so it meant another 4 months in Europe, and because the Spanish kennels were not too good, (so we thought at the time) we decided on France, we had been told that the French loved their pets and they would be well looked after, well how far from the truth was all this.


We chose a kennels that was recommended to us by agents in the UK who acted on behalf of us as we had no time to view them personally, well this all ended up a nightmare.


They flew from Spain to France where they were picked up by the owners and placed in their care, they assured us they were all happy and settled, from there we caught the ferry to Dover (UK) and drove to Cambridgeshire where we had a home secured for us.


After 2 months of their 4 month stay we decided to go and visit them, this was so stressful both for them and us, we arrived early in the morning only to find they were locked up in sheds no air, dark and damp and no grass for them either, just gravel stones , they had no bedding just hard plastic tubs to sleep in, they had urinated all over the floor which was incidently just cold concrete , and there they laid ,their sheds smelled disgusting, our poor dogs went from show dogs to dirty filthy mutts, we just couldn’t believe what we saw, unfortunately we couldn’t do anything about this as we had no time to change their kennels and they only had another 8 weeks to go, but during those 8 weeks one of our babies got acid burn all over her stomach and had caused mammory problems and how quickly they turned to tumors ,their local vet came to bathe her sores and bandage her and to keep an eye on it , my daughter was devastated as we all were…



But unfortunately by the time we got them back to UK she was too far gone, we had to end her life one week later, how this plays on your mind that you let them down, from a healthy dog to that, we were so heartbroken, left with 5 very smelly knotty distressed dogs that had to be virtually shaved all over to get to their knots, this was so horrendous, eventually we got them all back to their healthy selves once more.…

We still see them very worried when we have to go out and leave them, we try not to make our outside times too long and if local visits we always pop back to check on them.


This is now 7 years ago and I just hope dogs forget all the bad and think of the happiness they now have, (as Ceasar Milan always states, “ dogs live for the moment” lets hope he is right, I would hate for them to remember all of this that happened to them…


Now time has gone on and we are now sitting with 5 healthy dogs at least we thought they were,

Of course we have to remember the two 6 year olds are now 13 years old and the others are 12 years and two of 9 years of age.

Well what a year it has turned out to be, firstly in December 2012 our little Champion Roan cocker spaniel Beatrix had a lump on her left leg, and when diagnosed was not serious but whilst she was under her anesthetic they found a mass inside her which they were concerned about, so, whilst still under they removed it but this was not attached to any organs and was discovered that when she went in previously to be spayed she was allergic to the sutures they used to stitch her internally, this caused a mass, lump to fester inside, this was successfully removed and what a relief but could have been serious if not found, now after learning about canine cancers have totally changed her diet !!


Beatrix our International champion (age) 10yrs.

Beatrix our International champion (age) 10yrs.



2013 started off fine to start with until February when once again Beatrix was sore in her stomach and wouldn’t walk, she was once again rushed in only to find she had a spinal injury, well this meant a referral to the Spinal Specialist for a second opinion, it was a matter of an hour after a full scan that this was urgent and needed to be operated on, immediately, this was what they called De-Generation of the spine (slipped discs) due to her age (12 years) and the breed which we had no idea was related to Cocker spaniels, everything went successfully well and recovered with lots of home therapy and love…


This was all very successful and Beatrix has now fully recovered, only for a month later our Golden boy William who is Bunters age and litter brother got the same problem but much worse than Beatrix, however, we started to feel we have failed in their wellbeing of which we have always been particular with, but only to be told by the surgeon, it is nothing to do with their up bringing and assured us they are extremely healthy dogs in all other ways but this is a common thing in certain older breeds, he said it was just unfortunate and unlucky that it happened in the same family although Beatrix & William are not related to each other.

William & Teddy

William (above) went in for surgery and the same procedure for William as Beatrix with home therapy and of course love , he has recovered extremely well…


But then a week after Williams operation, Bunter (our prize top dog) came down with a tummy ache and just to point out the spinal problem started with pain from inside, only to think oh no he has also got this now, he was rushed to the vet as his pain was getting worse, well it was the worse day of our lives, when they scanned him only to find a mass inside his stomach,(which was clear on his last check up in June 2012) they could not find his one kidney and thought if they removed the mass it would be fine, we were told that if he only had one kidney living with one was quite normal well they opened him up (this by the way was his first operation he had ever had) at 13 years old ) only to find he was living on one kidney and the other totally gone, the mass was on his liver and his spleen too so it looked like it had spread, they couldn’t take the mass out as it started to bleed, so they had to stitch him back up and give him lots of pain killers, there was nothing they could do.


They predicted he had 6 weeks to live, well what a blow to us all, no signs before this and no pain that he ever showed us, he must have been a strong boy, however we did not give up, we looked on the internet for help with canine cancer and found lots of cases of cancer in dogs that was in their final stages totally cured with natural remedies and only by reading up that Broccoli is one of the highest of antioxidants that kills cancer in canines amongst other remedies of which we immediately ordered hoping to see a turn around in him like all the cases we saw .


All started well, feeding him these remedies and of course broccoli with his meals and seemed to work, he kept his weight on and by his next visit he had even gained 15 more grams and looked good, this all was well and continued adding this to his meals and he was even playing in the garden and doing so well, this was on the Saturday but then Saturday night he got the pain back again in his stomach well it just got worse by Sunday and we were feeding him with a syringe and liquidising his vegetables and chicken, sardines and liver all (raw) and very good for cancer patients as it’s all to do with their immunity.but his one kidney was so swollen, we knew we could not hang onto him any longer , for 2 nights Saturday and Sunday he was up and we would put him out to the toilet and feed him fresh water whenever he started panting , he must have been so uncomfortable and in pain, all we could do was stroke and love him all through the the pain killers he was on eventually stopped working for him.




We had no choice and by Monday morning we phoned the vet (who is also a good friend of the family) to come out as we decided to end his life on Monday 22nd April 2013, we could not bear to see him like this and it just was not him at all, a dog that was always full of life and energy 2 weeks before this to lifeless .


..…such a sudden shock to us all, he only lived 2 weeks after diagnosis , he was such a healthy dog and never complained of anything, his shiny coat, bright eyes and happy tail wagging all the time, We could not believe how quickly this all happened from a stomach ache 2 weeks before.


My daughter was devastated as he was her soul mate/partner and he looked up to her and followed her everywhere she went, he went out in the car to shows/shops and visits to friends , he was her shadow, we have never had or owned a dog that has had cancer before and is quite an experience to go through, my daughter has never been with a dog to the end, she never wanted to do that and to be honist I never have and didn’t stay in the room, but she was strong as she said “I saw him into the world I must see him out” it has made her stronger !!!


She lay with him talking in his ear and saying how much she loves him, how a strong boy he is and always was, how they worked as a team together for all his years, and how they will continue working together in his new life, she told him to keep a place for her and look for her when her time comes to be with him.

She told him his pain is now ceasing and we are making you all better with no pain anymore, and he will be running in that show ring in his new life.

This was such a personal thing for him and for my daughter to have peace of mind , at home in his own special place where he used to lay and sit with us, she laid her hand on his face and when he was gone closed his beautiful eyes.

He was wrapped inside a special Duvet cover that my daughter had as a 3 year old and taken away to be cremated, I could not see him but she insisted I kiss him goodbye for the last time although he was already gone, I did kiss him all over just before they performed his passing but I also kissed him as they were taking him out of the door, my daughter says he went very peacefully and looked at her as he took the last gasp of breath he had inside him.

I still cannot come to terms with this as he was like a child, just looking for love and security, infact we had booked a holiday for the three older ones to take them away for a week but he never got to go !!!


He will be back home with us in 2 weeks time for his final journey which we are all looking forward to.!!!

My daughters boss sent her Interflora flowers and all the support she needs from the office, she has now returned to her office but I still feel the pain as I am in the home he once lovingly adored.

The other 4 in the family have been so quiet, I feel they are also feeling it too !!!


I would like to thank everyone both family and friends for all the support you have given us over our so sudden tragic loss of a miracle champion boy !!!


Rest in peace now baby with no more pain and always remember we love you so much our hearts are aching with the pain of losing you !!!


God bless you,

Mummy & Kirston xxxxxx

Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis  also known as Billy Bunter

Sh Ch Bedivearebrwyn Llanberis
also known as Billy Bunter





Interaction With Children And Dogs !!!

Dog-child interaction is the single most important issue to deal with if you have a child and a dog.

Children love dogs but dogs don’t always love children.

When you bring home a new puppy, your child should be trained together with your puppy and stressed here puppy, it is never advisable to get a fully grown dog unless you know his background if you have very small children.

Dog owners need to remember that it takes two to tango.

Children aren’t often taught how to treat a new doggy which can make his life a living hell, this is not only torment for your dog but can be dangerous to your child at the same time.

Never trust your child alone with ANY dog, regardless of how gentle that dog is known to be, a child tends to know just which buttons to press to turn the gentle of animal into a dangerous beast.

Most dogs initially feel threatened by a child because they are at eye level, they have high-pitched voices and make vigorous movements which the dog senses that the child is somewhat unpredictable.

Dog-child interaction should be monitored in order to make sure that your child and your dog are getting along.

 What you should teach your child

Do not let your child hug the dog until the dog-child relationship has developed and they’ve become comfortable with each other.

Children are accustomed to showing their affection with a hug, but some dogs will tolerate it while others will not.

Never approach a strange dog without asking the owner if it is o.k. to do so first.

Allow the dog to sniff you before you try to pat him, never run towards a dog you don’t know.

Stay away from stray dogs, a stray dog may carry disease or try to attack.

Never scream or run away from a dog, this will over excite the dog and start chasing .

Never run  around a dog, as this will also over excite him even more.

Never approach a dog face to face, this is definitely threatening to them, always approach a dog from the side

this will allow the dog-child relationship to develop.

Never look a dog square in the eyes as eye contact is a challenge ..

Never tease or hit a dog whether he’s loose, tied up, behind a fence or in a crate not only is this  cruel to

the dog but will encourage aggression as the only way a dog can defend himself is to use aggression.

Never play rough games with a dog, such as tug-of-war, this can encourage a dog to become aggressive.

Never pat a dog on the head, always approach him under the chin or on his back.

Never bother a sleeping dog as like people need their sleep and may wake up grumpy let him wake naturally.

Never bother the dog while he’s eating or chewing his favorite bone, this is definitely a no no, in fact always

leave your dog and let him eat in peace.

A dog is not a toy. Never pull on his ears or pull his tail, this is a very sensitive area and will hurt him.

If a dog poses a threat, teach your child to stay perfectly still with arms at the side, avoid eye contact, don’t scream.

If there is no one around who can pull the dog away, have your child use a jacket, schoolbag, garbage can cover, or anything he can find as a shield while backing away from the dog slowly, this situation should never arise if you are a responsible parent.

If a dog has knocked your child to the ground, the child should curl up into a ball with his hands behind his head to protect his face

never penalize the dog as this may be an accident.

Never give the dog table food, not only is this bad for your dogs health but also encourages them to become a hinderance around meal times,

always put your dog in another room whilst eating.

Always play with your dog under adult supervision especially if your child is very young.

Always be kind to your dog this will help develop a dog-child friendship in the best way and you will

have a perfect dog and friend for life.

Always protect your dog from harm, keep him in a fenced and gated area outside and inside behind dog gates

so he knows he cannot just wonder where he wants to be, this has to be on your terms not the dog.

What you should know as a dog owner

Begin obedience training for your dog as soon as possible, preferably professionally Don’t wait til he gets older, it’ll only get harder

for both you and your dog.

Never leave your child alone with the dog, this is only common sense, as a child is no wiser than the dog.

Never let your child walk the dog alone, always have a responsible adult with them.

Never tie up your dog. Provide your dog with a fenced-in space instead, as stated earlier on in this article always have a fenced

property, tying a dog up is actually cruel …

Socialize your dog. Get him acquainted with other dogs as early as possible. You should also get him familiar with everything in his environment, both indoors and outdoors. This is key in attempting to establish a great dog-child relationship, take him with you to as many places he is also

allowed, people interaction is just as important as dog interaction.

Reward your dog for good behavior with praise and a treat, and to also point out you the owners interaction with any training

he may get always praise him in the best ways.

If you leave your dog in the yard, make sure your fence does not have spaces large enough for a child to stick their hands through,

or anything that may tease the dog in anyway, teasing a dog this way is very bad for your dog.

the best fencing is where the dog cannot see other neighbours and families like a wooden fence or high walls, obviously walling is

the better option although not always possible.

Never allow your child to abuse the dog in any way. This will never enable a dog-child relationship to flourish, and make

a dog quite aggressive, this is the sad part on the dogs life as in many cases dog aggression is caused by bad handling

and in  most cases ends a beautiful dogs life as always the dog is to blame.

Give your dog a space to call his own to which he can retreat to if he is feeling bothered ,such as a crate/kennel

or court yard.

Get your dog used to being touched on all body parts. This will make him more comfortable around children,

this can be done by stroking him and even softly brushing him as also part of a way of grooming him at the same time.

If your dog is chewing a bone or has a bowl of food, whilst he is still a puppy, take the bowl or bone away from him at

several times in the day, never let him get possessive over them, this will teach him control when taken off him, there is

nothing worse than a dog/puppy that snarls and growls over his food and treats, you tap him and say no in a very

authorative manner, he will soon learn to be tolerant.

Teach your child how to properly handle the dog/puppy as stated in parts of this article.

Walk your dog on a leash. Do not allow him to roam free, the leash is also part of his training and handling.

Keep in mind that just because your dog is wonderful around your own children doesn’t mean he will tolerate other children the same way,

make sure he interacts with as many children as possible so he relates to them properly.

Spay/neuter your dog is a good idea but if you are a breeder/show exhibiter  like myself you cannot do this

but if you are quite sure you are not going to breed then have it done for your own peace of mind as well as the dogs


This article only touches the surface, there are so many other issues with rearing your pet/children together in a happy world

but these are the basics that every family should know !!!

Other issues will be addressed in other articles like eg: “dogs and your pregnancy/after baby is born and the do’s and don’ts !!!

Enjoy !!!