The Raw Food Diet !!

I have learned alot about diets for our beloved animals and after the loss of our most beloved International Show Champion English Spaniel just recently I have come to realise how important diets are for them and their immune system !!!


In todays society we just have’nt got the time to prepare food for our pets, we hardly have time to do this

for ourselves so they will and  come second best as far as this subject goes. the most convenient way of feeding our pets is out of a bag and dry, but are they getting the goodness out of the  pellet way compared to the fresh nutritional way ??

I am one of those people that for many years fed my top dogs on the best dry food and as far as I was aware at that time was the best way  with all the goodness that they needed, but I was  so wrong…

Now I am not getting at the dry food companies but when you look at a dog and even a cat in their natural state and environment they never went hunting for pellets or kibbles.

The dried food companies state that they have all the vitamins/minerals and everything that animals need for their immune system to stay healthy and well…

For many years we had all our show dogs on the top dried food that was out there until our one boy got an allergy to beef and milk, we immediately changed them all onto the dried Hypoallergenic food which was even better than the last one, but still was not enough after reading about the Raw Diet which is called BARF (Bone & Raw Food) and quite well known throughout the animal world and Holistic vets.

Animals even humans need the right foods to boost their immune levels through the roof and once they are up there not much is going to get into their system to create any type of diseases, canine cancer being the newest of animal diseases at the moment and spreading rapidly, now I am not stating that there is a cure for any diseases but what I am saying is there is a preventative and that is to have a good strong immune system.

Meat/Bone/Organs are the first thing we should look at in a dogs diet, as the most important part of their daily intake, vegetables have antioxidents in them and Broccoli is one of the highest as well as carrots for the carotene including numerous other vegetables so, throwing a few vegetable in with their raw meat and bones is a good way to a healthy diet.

Now it may all sound so complicated to prepare and give to them but you will find  many raw food dog companies out there as there is kibble/pellet manufacturers and so easy to give to your beloved pets, you will notice the difference within weeks of their coats and condition their behaviour patterns and general wellbeing.

It has now been 3 months since we lost our very special boy to cancer and exactly 3 months since I changed all my other pets to the Raw way of feeding (BARF) and what a difference this has made, here we were thinking they were all healthy and fit but even I can see a big difference again in them.

They are all well relaxed and no stress, we had a little girl that was abused in her quarantine kennels when we first came from abroad and was always stressed and never got on with the rest of her family and always afraid of strange people but now she is so happy and relaxed I just cannot believe she is the same dog 3 months later.

William & Teddy

Now all my stories on my website are of true experiences and facts and I can with all honisty recommend anything I put on here and would like everyone to bare this in mind and try and test first and then come back and place any comments …

For all you very enthuiastic people that have more time on their hands can quite easily prepare your own but the one particular company mentioned here (for all UK residents) is the best I have found as they come ready for your pets to consume , it comes in frozen fresh form, all you do is de frost and serve, their food has all the vegetables inside and comes in 3 most favourable flavours (all fresh) Beef/Chicken & Lamb and they all love it …

I just add a few more vegetables and sometimes a little apple chopped up as I do have 4 hungry little mouths to feed ….and they have a different flavour every day almost , I split it between 2 meals both morning and late afternoon.

There is so much information on the internet about “The Raw Food Diet & Cancer” in dogs in particular and books to download and if you are as serious about your pets as I am then you must explore for yourself, you will be amazed on what people are saying that have used this diet and also the vets and in particular Holistic Vets who are great believers in this.

There are also testimonials  from people who have got animals that are sick with diseases in particular cancers and how this diet has helped  to give their beloved pets a better chance and in some cases reversed illnesses and given them a better  life.

Dont just take my word for it, try it for your special animal family and see for yourself the results !!!

Until next time,

Yours in animal health,